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The Alpha Cargo

$ 2,995

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Obsidian Black Arctic White Desert Sand Gloss Seabreeze Grey Gloss
Type Fat tire Electric Bike
Motor Power 1200W (peak)
Battery 48V, 20Ah (960Wh)
Top Speed Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++
Range 40-65km (25-40 Miles)
Tire size Fat tire 20"x4" Inch with inner tubes
Net Weight 30KG (66 LBS)
Max Load 120KG (264.5 LBS)
Package Weight 35KG
Transmission Gears Single gear
Brake System Front wheel: Mechnical Disc Brake
Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Lights Head light, Tail warning light
Recommended Height 5'3"-6'4" (160CM - 195CM)
Frame Material High-strength Steel Pipe

1. Fenders
2. 20"*4 fat tires
3. Batteries and charger
4. Integrated display
5. Integrated front light and tail light
6. Owner's manual
7. Delivered fully assembled

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High Speed Brushless Motor

After thousands of tests, Freego is equipped with a 1200W high-speed brushless motor for the rear wheel of the bicycle. The purpose is to improve the speed and riding power of the bicycle. When the brushless motor is running, the friction is greatly reduced, the operation is smooth, and the noise will be much lower.
1200W Motor 960Wh Battery

20'' Inch Tire with Inner Tube

Freego DK200 retro electric snow bike, 20*4 wide tire design uninterrupted concave-convex pattern, the purpose is to increase the friction between the wheel and the ground, prevent the wheel from slipping on the road, increase resistance, and improve safety, unhindered movement even in snow.
20'' x 4" Fat Tire Snow, Sand, Grass, Desert

Removable Lithium Battery

The 48V 20Ah integrated lithium-ion battery ensures a long service life and high performance of the bicycle. In the pedal assist mode, the mileage of a single full charge can reach more than 80 KM, and in the pure electric mode can reach about 65 KM, which is enough for daily use Commuting needs and travel endurance. The battery is equipped with a safety lock, which can be extracted with a special key, which greatly improves the safety of the battery.
48V 20Ah 40-65km (25-40 Miles)

High Intensity Headlight

Light up the night and ride safe with a super bright headlight. Don't worry about riding at night.

Multi-functional Display

Smart multifunctional display to record speed, mileage, Battery Capacity and timing. It can monitor your riding in real time.

Anti-slip Handbrake

Adopt helical rotary handle structure, provide a wide range of transmission means more torque, prevent accidental start, avoid injury.

Front Suspension

Front wheel suspension for exceptionally good shock absorption, smart response. Provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride experience.