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TDO Therapy 201.20-M, Therapeutic, Diabetic and Orthopaedic Men Shoe

From £83.30
  •  Exclusively Handmade Footwear: All our footwear is produced exclusively by hand to the highest quality using a combination of advanced technology, specialist knowledge and the finest craftsmanship. We only use premium raw materials such as high-quality calf leather.
  •  Removable Insoles: Anatomically accurate insoles can be removed if a customised insert is needed.
  •  Triple-layer Technology: The special nano-technologic foam between the leather and seamless lining makes the footwear softer and more protective. It also helps to regulate the foot’s temperature and prevents any physiological change (swelling, oedema) of the feet during the day, providing greater levels of comfort and protection.

Item Description

Enjoy your extra roomy TDO Therapy 201.20-M while you walk. This shoe is a perfect fit and provides maximum protection against severe oedema, AFOs and internal modifications. Thanks to its unique sole technology, your every step is supported and cushioned to provide the best walking experience.

These shoes are specifically designed with a variety of conditions in mind, including Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Metatarsalgia and Heel Pain.

WIDTH: H Mould / X-Large Fit

Mould H / X-Large Fit: 2 sizes volumetrically bigger, wider and deeper form of European Standard Sizes.

Extra Depth: Our X-Large form (H mould) offers a wide toe box and extra depth design. It provides extra room for wide feet.

Perfect Fitting: 'Touch Fastening' strap allows for easy adjustability.


UK EU Foot Length Foot Width
6 39 26.5 25.5
7 40 27 26
8 41 27.5 26.5
81/2 42 28 27
9 43 28.5 27.5
10 44 29 28
11 45 30 28.5
12 46 31 28.5
13 47 31.5 29.5
14 48 32.5 29.5

Item Feature

UK Shoe Size Chart (Width Fittings)

Women's D
Men's F
Standard Applies to most high street shoes
Women's E
Men's G
Wide Applies to the majority of wide-fitting, high street shoes
Women's 2E - 3E
Men's H
Ultra-Wide Likely width of the limited offer of ultra or very wide shoes in the market
Women's 6E
Men's 3H
Extremely Wide
Applies to all Cosyfeet footwear - Cosyfeet refer to the fit as 'extra roomy as it has extra width, extra girth and extra depth. A very small number of other brands also offer a limited choice in this fitting.
Women's 9E
Men's 6H
Exceptionally Wide Cosyfeet footwear with strap extensions

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